Waikato police's heartwarming act for grieving woman after husband's death

Constable Ellesmere became a temporary plumber.
Constable Ellesmere became a temporary plumber. Photo credit: Facebook/Waikato police

Two Waikato police officers have stepped outside their job description by finishing a household job a recently deceased man couldn't quite finish off. 

John Fraser of Morrinsville was on his way home from buying a part he needed for a water pump repair when he suffered a medical event behind the wheel, Stuff reported. 

The vehicle ploughed through a fence and he was unable to be revived.

When given the difficult task of delivering the news to Mr Fraser's wife, Constables Alistair Ellesmere and John Keoghan were told of Mr Fraser's incomplete errand.

The officers then decided they'd finish the job themselves.

So with some basic plumbing skills Const Ellesmere was able to put the system back together and get water running through the house again. 

"He was doing his best to look after his wife and this was an untimely and unfortunate situation," Mr Ellesmere told Stuff. 

"He would have been home in five minutes, had the pump re-plumbed and the water back on."

"She's got enough on her plate with her husband's passing and we were fortunate to be able to help."

A spokesperson from Waikato Police said police tend to feel useless in dealing with a stranger's grief but that this was a small success in the scheme of things.