Wannabe Hamburglar holds up McDonald's

Ljubljana, Slovenia - September 3, 2011: Close-up of McDonalds outdoor sign with  typical rounded yellow M letter against cloudless blue sky. Sign is positioned on the left side of image.
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A thief has been jailed for 22 months for robbing a McDonald's, but not for stealing Big Macs.

On September 18 last year wannabe Hamburglar Dagan Wesley McArthur robbed a Thames McDonald's restaurant and ran off with $1180 in cash.

Approaching a lone staff member around 10:30pm, the Hamilton man said he had a gun and ordered that $20 and $50 notes be placed in a bag, Stuff reported.

The staff member complied and did notice an object resembling a gun in the robber's bag.

After he was given the cash, McArthur fled the scene and was later found by armed police and arrested.

McArthur's counsel Kerry Burroughs told the court the perpetrator was suffering multiple health issues at the time, including schizophrenia, epilepsy and diabetes, Stuff reported.

Burroughs told the courts that while McArthur took strong medication to keep him on the straight and narrow, it was when he stopped taking these drugs that his offending occurred.