Wellington goes all-in on predator-free plan

  • 02/03/2018
Stoats are one of the unwanted species.
Stoats are one of the unwanted species. Photo credit: File

Wellington's predator-free and eco-friendly projects are getting extra attention as they are prioritised in a 10-year plan.

Wellington City Council's draft 10-year plan, which will be released on Friday, earmarks $3.6 million over 10 years to support the predator-free goal - that includes funding for community groups to install and manage traps in Wellington.

Wellington Mayor Justin Lester says they're fortunate that more than 5000 Wellington households and numerous community conservation groups are already involved in predator control projects.

The Predator-Free Wellington project, which aims to rid the city of rats, possums and mustelids, will be rolled out on Miramar Peninsula this year before being implemented citywide.

The peninsula was chosen as a starting point because the airport and sea act as an effective predator barrier, and a successful campaign rid the area of possums in 2006.

Predator-Free Wellington builds on a 20-year programme of integrated predator control and broader ecological restoration undertaken in reserves and rural areas.

The council's 10-year plan also includes investing in core water management infrastructure, investing in a regional trails framework to support active lifestyles, and new exhibits at Wellington Zoo.

Mr Lester says it is important that Wellington, as the capital city, shows leadership on environmental challenges.

"We can, and should, use resources more efficiently and effectively to help reduce and eliminate harmful impacts on our environment."

The draft 10-year plan document will be discussed by the council on March 7.