Wellingtonian hits out at 'disgusting' behaviour from men in bar

Wellingtonian hits out at 'disgusting' behaviour from men in bar
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A woman has hit out at "disgusting" behaviour she and her friends experienced on a night out in Wellington on Friday evening.

Her online post about the experience has attracted hundreds of comments and reactions in Facebook group Vic Deals.

"We were dancing at a club last night and the number of unwelcome touches we received was horrifying," the woman said.

"It not only ruined our night multiple times, it's made us feel really targeted and creeped out. I don't understand what gives anyone the right to think that they can come up behind a person and grab them from around the waist and try to dance on them? And then after they are pushed away they come right back and do it again."

She said she was not accusing all men for being part of the behaviour, "but the number of times it happened to me and my friend last night was disgusting".

"It's really not nice to be trying to enjoy your night and constantly have someone hovering around waiting to attack. That is what it feels like. The only reason I'm taking my time to post about this is that it happened about 5 times last night and it is disgusting.

"You have no right to touch somebody else without their consent.

"You have no idea about our relationship status, we both were not interested in these advances at all.

"It's disgusting and is rape culture."

Many women have commented on the post describing similar experiences in Wellington and across the country.

One male commenter said that he'd experienced similar behaviour with women, and that all people should be able to enjoy a night out without unwanted physical contact.

A local bartender commented that people who were being harassed should ask for help:

"It should go without saying but ladies if you're feeling uncomfortable in a bar & someone is harassing you please come & talk to the bar staff, the manager on duty or the doormen. We can do something about it by removing them from the premises - we're there to look out for you & keep you safe."