What children say is missing from their school experience

  • 14/03/2018
What children say is missing from their school experience
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If the pupils were in charge, they would make school more fun, according to one of a series of reports on children's thoughts of the education system.

The Office of the Children's Commissioner and the NZ School Trustees Association have released six reports based on an online survey and face-to-face interviews.

The documents support the Education Matters to Me: Key Insights report released in January, the OCC and NZSTA says.

The aim was to hear from pupils about what was working well for them, and what could be improved in their educational experience.

"The more we listen to the voices of children and young people, the richer will be our understanding of what can make a great education system in Aotearoa," Children's Commissioner Andrew Becroft said.

One of the six reports is titled If I Were Boss.

"We heard that children and young people of all ages want their school to be more fun, to provide them with better opportunities to play and explore for themselves, both inside and outside the classroom," the authors said.

Ideas for making schools better covered issues that included the physical environment and facilities.

On one student's wish list was air conditioning.

"The classrooms get so bloody hot that they're unbearable."

Also covered were the relationship with the teacher, the respect among students and how bullying is dealt with.

Another report in the series, titled Emotional Wellbeing, noted that, although not specifically asked about, bullying was commonly raised as something that children would change about school.