What risk do Comancheros gang members pose to New Zealand?

  • 16/03/2018

Hundreds of Kiwi-born Aussies are being deported back to New Zealand and some are part of the Comancheros.

The gang is using social media to let people know they've crossed the ditch into New Zealand. 

Experts warn these gang members are like nothing we've seen before and the gang is considered the most dangerous in Australia.

New Zealand Police organised crime group superintendent Greg Williams told The Project: "Stepping into New Zealand, they can make significant profits here through the sale of things like cocaine, methamphetamine, steroids."

Due to drug users in New Zealand paying a higher price, drug dealers are attracted to come here for bigger profits.

Police are looking to stop Australian gang the Comancheros from causing problems in New Zealand, opening the third National Organised Crime Group office in Tauranga this week.

It's been established due to a rise in gang activity in the country and fears that the port could be a pipeline for the illegal drug trade.

The Australian Rebels and Banditos gangs have been making big money from the drug trade in New Zealand for years, and their rivals - the Comancheros - could fight for a cut of the action.

Almost half of criminal deportees from Australia have committed a crime within the past 24 months.

Queensland University of Technology law professor Mark Lauchs told The Project gangs like The Comacheros are known for frequent use of firearms and "public displays of random violence".

"They're absolutely trying to recruit... once they're in the club, they're in a culture that promotes and excuses violence."

He said there's "guaranteed to be a war" as more rival gangs arrive in New Zealand.