Activist Penny Bright's house sale process may be delayed after health scare

Veteran Auckland activist Penny Bright has fought hard protesting for more than 40 years, but she might be facing her biggest challenge yet.

She has been hospitalised and is awaiting test results to confirm whether she has cancer.

Her house is listed as a mortgagee sale, and is due to be sold in a matter of days so Auckland Council can recoup unpaid rates. The council plans to ask the High Court to delay the sale process due to her sudden illness.

"I have suspected ovarian cancer," she told Newshub.

She was taken to hospital earlier this week with stomach pain.

"My big thing is an investigative activist I seek truth from facts I don't know exactly what we're dealing with yet and it's a big fat waste of time worrying when you don't know," she said.

Ms Bright's been in a stand-off with Auckland Council for 11 years. She refuses to pay rates on her Kingsland home because she believes the council needs to be more transparent about its spending.

She owes $35,000, and after several unsuccessful appeals, the High Court is forcing the sale of her house. Tenders close on Tuesday.

But Ms Bright's sudden illness means Auckland Council may ask the High Court to delay finalising the sale by 10 days.

Until it's finalised, Ms Bright can stop the sale by paying up or even by agreeing to pay late.

Ms Bright will meet the council tomorrow and demand that she be allowed to help the council become more transparent.

In return, she'll repay the rates - but not until April next year.

"I don't think that I will say goodbye to my house - I do believe that the council will see sense," she said.

Ms Bright says she expects to find out in the few next weeks if she has cancer or not.


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