Auckland mother jailed for turning daughter into sex slave

A New Zealand mother who sold her teen daughter to men as a sex slave more than 1000 times over an 18-month period has been sentenced to prison.

Kasmeer Lata was sentenced in Auckland's High Court on Tuesday to six years and 11 months for slave trading and receiving money from sexual services of an underage person.

Lata's daughter, who has name suppression, fled from her mother in November 2016 and reported the crimes to police. She says the first time she was sold was her 15th birthday.

In a heartbreaking victim impact statement read out in court, Lata's daughter, who had moved to New Zealand from Fiji just a year prior, lashed out at her mother.

"I have to make up lies about four years of my life, and why I live by my own without my parents' support," she said.

"I see men differently now - I think they always want something from me, and that is why they are talking to me.

"I wonder what I did to deserve my Mum. All I wanted was your love as a child, teenager, and your girl."

Justice Muir, who presided over the case, said Lata had "effectively pimped her [daughter] out", which is likely to have caused "long-lasting, if not irreparable damage".

Lata's daughter was sold to men as many as five times each day, the court heard, with each appointment costing as much as $200 an hour.

Lata made around $100,000 from selling her daughter.

In relation to the crime a man was also convicted in Auckland's High Court.

Avneesh Sehgal pleaded guilty to three charges of sexual exploitation and one charge from the Prostitution Reform Act (receiving earnings from commercial sexual services section 21 and 23).

He was convicted of the four charges and will be sentenced on May 22.