Auckland revealed to be most hipster city in New Zealand, Wellington comes third

Wellington has been denied the crown of most hipster city in New Zealand, coming in third behind Auckland and Christchurch.

All three cities featured in the top 300 in Movehub's Global Hipster Index, which ranked cities based on five data points.

The number of vegan eateries, coffee shops, tattoo studies, vintage boutiques and record stores per 100,000 city residents was combined and weighted to produce a mark out of 10 for each city.

The top of the list was a close win by the UK city of Brighton and Hove, which beat out Portland, Oregon, by only one thousandth of a point.

Brighton and Hove scored 8.1632 and Portland scored 8.1631.

The disparity between New Zealand's top cities was much higher, with Auckland ranked at 230 and scoring 3.2467 compared to the 2.6551 attained by Christchurch, which ranked 297.

Wellington was third at number 299 and with a score of 2.6376.

Hamilton proved itself to be well out of competing range, coming in at 376 with a score of 1.9071.

Gelsenkirchen, Germany, was the lowest rated city in the list, at number 446 with a score of 0.2248.