Auckland weather: What to do if a traffic light isn't working

  • 11/04/2018

Auckland traffic etiquette can be patchy at the best of times, but with dozens of traffic lights out of power this morning, commuters are waking up to traffic chaos.

Winds in parts of the supercity reached more than 200km/h on Tuesday night, hauling trees and power lines down and leaving 100,000 properties without power.

But what do you do when the traffic lights aren't working?

The NZ Transport Agency says you simply have to apply the give way rules. That means giving way to oncoming cars if you're turning and giving way to left-turning vehicles if you're turning right.

"Please only travel if you have to and approach uncontrolled intersections with caution," a NZ Transport Agency spokesperson says.

Normally if a traffic light is malfunctioning the orange light will be flashing, but with power completely cut it's likely to have no light at all.

The storm has also closed down some public transport services, so the roads could be busier than usual.

NZTA says all motorways across the Auckland network and the Auckland Harbour Bridge are open.

The following local roads have partial closures:

  • Henderson Valley Rd near Parrs Rd, Henderson
  • Woodside Rd, Massey
  • Temple St, Meadowbank
  • Maskell St, St Heliers