Bay of Plenty boy racers to protest negative perceptions

Bay of Plenty boy racers to protest negative perceptions
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Bay of Plenty boy racers are planning a protest against "accusations of anti-social behaviour", in hope they can change the negative perception that surrounds what they do.

A convoy will drive through the main streets of Tauranga and Mt Maunganui on Saturday afternoon.

"This meet and cruise is a direct protest to the accusations of anti-social behaviour," the Facebook event page says, reminding participants to drive responsibly and remember the liquor ban areas.

Last weekend police impounded a dozen cars and more than 40 tickets were issued during a major sting that broke up a gathering of hundreds of cars. Police told Stuff they caught some drivers travelling at speeds of more than 150km/h.

Tauranga Mayor Greg Brownless says the police are just doing their job.

"If you're a boy racer in a boy racer-type car, you're possibly one that revs and roars, possibly drops a few wheelies here and there, it's fair enough that you're targeted. If you're just driving your car doing normal things, I'm sure you'll be left alone.

"We do hear from time-to-time about boy racing activities that result in death. That's irreversible."

But he says boy racer activity isn't usually a major issue.

"We do hear that it breaks out from time to time. My concern is that innocent people are going to get caught up on it. If people want to boy-race, they should go to racetracks and not do it on our public roads."

Insp Karl Wright-St Clair told Newshub police are aware of the protest.

"[Police] will be patrolling the central city as per usual throughout the day and night to ensure everyone has a safe night," he says.

The car fanatics are starting the protest from Memorial Park at 4pm, followed by a convoy through the streets of Mount Maunganui, past the police station.

They'll then finish up at the town's main beach for a barbeque.