Christchurch residents complain over foul chlorine taste

The city's water supply is being temporarily chlorinated.
The city's water supply is being temporarily chlorinated. Photo credit: File

Chlorine in Christchurch's water supply is leaving a foul taste in the mouth of many residents.

In January, the city's councillors voted to temporarily chlorinate the city's water supply after a recommendation by Canterbury medical health officer Dr Alistair Humphrey.

Engineering assessments revealed some of the city's wells were not sufficiently sealed and may be susceptible to contamination.

Mayor Lianne Dalziel said if the water were to become contaminated, hundreds of thousands of people would be exposed.

But around 300 calls to the City Council have been recorded in the past month, with many objecting to the taste. Others have been concerned for pets like goldfish and eczema sufferers.  

However services general manager, David Adamson, says the number of calls is reasonably low.

And as for goldfish indoors, it's suggested people filter the water or let it stand for a time.