Christchurch set for decision about city's stadium

  • 27/04/2018

Christchurch will find out on Friday whether it will get a new stadium or multi-purpose arena.

Pressure's on the Government and the city council to reach a decision after Ed Sheeran bypassed the city in preference for Dunedin, playing three concerts.

The All Blacks also refuse to play there because of the low capacity of the temporary stadium.

Former Christchurch Mayor Sir Bob Parker, who was Mayor when the quakes ruined AMI Stadium, told The AM Show he's confident Friday's decision will be "positive", but says it's been too long coming.

"Lives have changed. It's a ridiculous wait.

"There's been a lot of discontent in the city in recent times around the coronation of water and the traffic issues and things not happening fast enough. So I think we're due for some good news and I'm pretty certain we'll get that.

"There was a commitment made by the council of the day around those facilities - the anchor projects - that would be the guiding lights on the reconstruction of the city. They were going to drive all of the investment and so many of them haven't happened. I think a lot of momentum has been lost in the city and we need to pick that up."

A Government feasibility report last year concluded the best option was a multi-use arena, a roof and a retractable pitch. Mr Parker says if that decision is made, it will "lift spirits".

"A great city without a great stadium is a bit like a country without a flag. It's something that you rally around, it's a pride, it's a community place. It's where we get together to celebrate not just sports, but the great musical events. The things that make a great city [is] more than just houses, streets and jobs. It's actually about how we feel about the place.

"A new stadium with a roof... I think it'll be the making of Christchurch moving forward."

Minister Megan Woods and Mayor Lianne Dalziel will make an announcement at 10:30am.