Dead eel count in Christchurch stream double original estimate

The final count of eels found dead in a Christchurch stream is a whopping 1900 - more than double that of the original estimate. 

Last week, Environment Canterbury (ECan) found around 800 dead eels and fish in a four-kilometre stretch along Kaputone Creek, in Belfast. 

An ECan spokesperson told Newshub that on Monday, staff collected the last of the eels from the stream - bringing the total to around 1900 dead eels and 30 dead fish. 

It was originally thought the source of contamination that killed the fish was either storm water or someone dumping a substance in the water. 

The spokesperson says preliminary tests are back, but ECan was awaiting further tests to confirm the source of contamination.

"Until we have all the results, we can't comment on potential contamination."

Results are expected to be back by the end of this week.