Deerstalkers' Association urges safety for hunters

  • 03/04/2018

The Deerstalkers' Association is urging a safety first approach as hunters head into the bush for the roar.

A hunter in the Kaimai Ranges was killed on Monday after being shot in the chest.

National president Bill O'Leary says hunters need to think everything they see and hear is a human.

"We keep saying to people you must positively identify your target," he says.

"The fact of the matter is that virtually every person who's ever fired a shot at another individual has still been convinced they were shooting at a deer."

Mr O'Leary says any incident is a tragedy, as a gun has no forgiveness.

"Every incident that we have we take a look at, we try to work out what went wrong," he says.

"We try and structure our safety messages to take something positive out is what is a really a very nasty and tragic accident."

Mr O'Leary says with thousands of hunters in the bush, everyone needs to wear high-vis gear to protect themselves.