Destiny Church's Brian Tamaki hospitalised after rubbish fire

Destiny Church head Brian Tamaki has suffered horrific burns after a rubbish fire went horribly wrong.

Mr Tamaki told his congregation on Sunday he had "been through a fiery furnace and out the other side".

The accident occurred in late March, putting Mr Tamaki in hospital and covering his face and body with burns.

Speaking for the first time in weeks, the bishop said the horrific blaze had left him in "a lot of pain".

"I can still smell the smoke... I got burnt to 30 percent of my body. Second-degree burns," he said.

"I got tired of looking at this rubbish and I thought I'd quickly burn it before I go away. And things evolved from there."

His wife, Hannah, said the fire could have killed Mr Tamaki. She said the incident had been hushed up because she had told people she would "smack their bottom" if they discussed it on social media.

Mr Tamaki said the fire had left his skin so sensitive he still couldn't go out in the sunshine.

But there was one benefit to the fire - he said the aftermath had been like a "chemical wash" or facial peel, and his skin would be left as smooth as a baby's.