Duncan Garner says Israel Folau just quoting Bible

  • 17/04/2018

The furore has continued over Wallabies star Israel Folau's controversial comments that gay people would go to hell, which caused widespread outrage among fans and media.

Mr Folau has revealed he offered to walk away from his Rugby Australia contract in the aftermath, saying his faith is more important than his career.

However The AM Show host Duncan Garner says while he doesn't share Mr Folau's views, he supports his right to post them.

"That's a lesson, a reading, a teaching in the bible - so he just merely quoted the bible," Garner said on Tuesday.

"What's wrong with that? I support his right to be a church-man and to reply like that."

However host Amanda Gillies disagreed, arguing Mr Folau is in a position of "influence and power".

"In rugby especially it's really hard for young men to come out and say they're gay. It's just the environment," she says.

"So this is something that will take them 10 steps backwards. I think he's got a voice, he should have maybe just kept silent on this one."

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