Easter Weekend road toll triples from last year

  • 03/04/2018

The road toll for Easter Weekend has tripled last year's.

Six people have been killed on the roads, including a two-month-old baby and his four-year-old brother.

Brake Director Caroline Perry says the young loss of life on the roads is particularly sad.

"Every death on our roads is a tragedy and affects a family," she says.

"But it's particularly sad when children are involved."

Ms Perry says so many extra people on the roads over a long weekend increases risks. She says we all need to step up as every death is unacceptable.

"We all have a part to play in road safety," she says.

"We all, as individuals and collectively, need to step up and say that every death on our roads is unacceptable. Even one death is too many."

The Easter Weekend road toll finishes at 6am on Tuesday.