Eleven thousand homes remain without power after ferocious storm

Around 11-thousand Auckland homes and businesses are still without power three days after a ferocious storm swept through the city. 

It could be another four days until power is restored.

Vector Chief Executive Simon Mackenzie says "Areas such as Piha and Helensville and those types of areas, they really bore the brunt of the really exceptionally strong winds."

Power may have been restored to places like Waimauku but faith in humanity hasn't.

Katie Hillebrand of Waimauku Doctors Administrator says power has been cut to fridges that held thousands of dollars worth of vaccines and medications. These will now be thrown away.

"Given that we were just trying to remain open for our clients and do the best we could, it was really gut wrenching."

The clean-up is still underway throughout much of the city as crews work to remove fallen trees and debris.

Parts of Cornwall Park are still off limits but it's as popular as ever albeit for a different reason.

Jocelyn Worley, 90, has lived on the wild west coast her whole life and says the storm was quite scary.

"It was frightful. Quite the worst storm that I've ever been through." 

She knows the area well as Bethells Beach was named after her grandfather.

Decades ago she planted dozens of trees in her garden and on Wednesday morning woke to find they and fallen down.

"I was devastated. Lovely big trees just snapped off." 

Miraculously her house wasn't damaged at all, in fact most houses at Bethells  Beach escaped the storm's wrath.

It's the fallen power lines that are causing the biggest issues.

Bethells Beach Resident, Grete Larsen says  "Living out here we have power cuts all the time, in the Winter they generally don't last this long."