Former stray crowned New Zealand's snobbiest cat

A former stray has earned the title of New Zealand's snobbiest cat after judges 'pawed' over more than 2500 cat photos.

Smudge was found under a shipping container in a storage shed, but quickly became queen of the house she shares with owner Andrea Brown.

"She doesn't like being picked up; she won't sit on your lap for a pat. She will only be patted in a specific spot outside the house  and she will never run to you if you call her  she walks," Ms Brown said.

As a prize for winning the title, renowned Kiwi artist Otis Frizzell created a unique painting of Smudge, saying he found working on the project was great fun.

"I'm a cat person, so I understand how hard it is to win them over," he said. "Our cat Poppy basically runs our house  and I have learned to do as I'm told!"

However Poppy isn't much of a cuddler and only interacts with her subjects on her own terms.

"As soon as Poppy's had enough, she will bite us and run away. But I still love that fluffy wee dictator."

The award was handed out by catfood brand Dine.