Friend's stunt while drinking 'killed an innocent person' - Duncan Garner

Duncan Garner has opened up about his hatred for New Zealand's drinking culture, saying one of his good friends accidentally killed someone while on the booze.

"Egging people on to sink more bliss is simply not cool and it took me too long to realise this as well," The AM Show host said on Friday morning.

"I was one of those idiots. I put my hand up. I was also egged on - 'don't be a pussy, mate'.

"I hated the pressure and booze can kill so don't be a statistic.

"A close mate drowned when he fell asleep in a dinghy after a big night out. Another mate was jailed after he killed someone in a silly stunt that went wrong.

"They've been lessons to me, but man, I've been slow to learn as well. I now get it but I was way too slow in getting it.

"Five seconds of madness on a boy's life can have a lifetime-worth of consequences. Look after your mates. Do not send them to an early grave.

"Binge boozing - it's not worth it."

His comments come after senseless peer pressure to drink was highlighted as the cause of death in 17-year-old Harihari farmhand Mitchell David Heward in 2016.

David drank a significant amount of beer and spirits through a funnel at a party at Lake Kaniere and lost consciousness shortly after.

"Do not let this be your son," Garner says.

"I've seen this in my life, and in my circle of friends."

Alcohol Healthwatch Director Nicki Jackson told The AM Show our habits around alcohol must change.

"So we have 56 percent of our 15 to 17-year-olds drinking. Now, I would still say that's too many and one of seven of them are hazardous drinkers."

"Of course, we've seen the outcome of that."

David is survived by a twin brother. Two young men aged 18 and 21 were charged with supplying alcohol to a minor. One pleaded guilty and was discharged without conviction, while the other was found not guilty.