How did Duncan Garner end up in the women's toilets?

  • 09/04/2018

The AM Show host Duncan Garner has confessed to a weekend blunder which saw him accidentally end up in the women's toilets at Milford Beach on Auckland's North Shore.

"All my life I remember going to Milford Beach so I was quite familiar with the place," he told his co-hosts Amanda Gillies and Mark Richardson.

"I went back there and turned around from Mr Whippy and just walked into the toilets.

"I go to the toilet and I hear little voices out there in the toilet, and I didn't hear any men, I didn't hear any guys.

Gillies and Richardson couldn't keep the grins off their faces when they realised where his story was going.

Garner said it took him a moment to realise what he had done.

"I heard one little boy's voice and thought 'oh he must be in here with his dad'. Where's dad? Then it became really noisy with all these women and I'm like 'oh no' and I'm locked in behind the door."

After his mistake dawned on him, Garner had to figure out a plan of action to get out of the bathroom.

"I open the door and go to walk out and hopefully get out. Who's that creep, you know?

"I don't want to be hit, and there's this woman looking at me and she just shakes her head and folds her arms."

In hindsight, Garner realised he probably should have put two and two together earlier.

"Looking back there were no urinals and only little girls' voices and women's voices."

"To the Milford community who have suffered already, I'm very sorry, I won't be back in your neighbourhood for some time."