Hundreds still without power in Auckland

Around 400 properties are still in the dark across Auckland, as Vector struggles to repair fallen lines.

A storm struck the supercity on Tuesday night, nine days ago, with winds over 200km/h causing extensive damage to the network and plunging tens of thousands into darkness.

A local Ōtāhuhu man, known only as Matt, says he's not happy with the situation.

"Me and my partner work and we've got a three-month-old baby and how can we give her a bottle? How can we give her hot water?

"It's like, what the hell is going on?

"My partner's been over at the grandparents... has to go over there every night just to feed the baby.

"We're both getting really angry. Why has the power not been restored? What are they doing? What is the Government doing about it?"

Head of network programme delivery Minoru Frederiksen told The AM Show on Monday efforts to get Auckland's power back on have been held up by prank callers.

"[We've had] cases of people doing bogus phone calls, which is kind of diverting our resources to stuff that's not real. We've had a few phone calls from people who have given addresses, and we go there and the power's on."

Mr Frederiksen says he thinks Vector has done "pretty well" considering the scale of the destruction.

"Some of that damage was just amazing. You talk to some of the guys who have been on the field for 30-odd years and they've never seen anything like it.

Crews have now fixed all major feeders and are tackling individual transformers scattered around the suburbs.