In a spin: the 11th annual Record Store Day

Nowhere has the rise of the internet been felt more tangibly than the music business.

Spotify, YouTube and other streaming services have dramatically changed the way we listen and pay for music.

The advent of the iPod shrunk our music collections to literal pocket size.

And subscription-based services such as Spotify mean we don't even own the digital music we listen to anymore.

This change has been felt all the way through the music industry from the labels and the artists, right down the supply chain to the man on the street.

Rich McShane is, in his own words, "just a humble record shop proprietor".

He established his record store in 1998 and it's still open for business 20 years later.

So to celebrate World Record Store Day, we stepped through the door of the Musiquarium,

going back in time for some old school crate digging.

Watch the video.