Kind stranger 'pays it forward' at a Dunedin urgent medical clinic

  • 18/04/2018
A $5 note.
A $5 note. Photo credit: Getty

A Dunedin mother has received a surprise from a kind stranger after she was unable to pay a doctor's fee.

Mel Hayward was at Dunedin Urgent Doctors on Filleul Street to get an X-ray for her eight-year-old daughter when she realised she didn't have the money on her to pay the $20 fee.

She spoke to the receptionist and made a plan to pay it on Tuesday April 24, but somebody in the waiting room must have overheard.

A short while later as she was leaving, the receptionist let her know that an anonymous woman had paid the fee.

Ms Hayward was surprised and wanted to thank the woman but she had already left.

She posted her story to local Facebook page Dunedin News asking if the woman sees the post to come forward so she can shout her a coffee.

The stranger is yet to come forward but many locals have commented to praise her for her charity.

"Still good people in the world," one person wrote.

"What a nice lady, the start of the pay it forward system," another said.

Paying it forward is a system of charity where a person pays for something for somebody else and the receiver responds by paying for something for another stranger.

Ms Hayward agrees - she said she will pay forward the kindness in future.