Kiwi researchers invent self-repairing concrete

Two Waikato researchers may be about to change the face of cities around the world with their latest discovery: self-repairing concrete.

New Zealand produces one million cubic metres of the stuff per year, but the popular road-building material is prone to damage.

After years of research, Mostafa Seifan and Dr Aydin Berenjian may have created a material that can fix itself when it becomes damaged or cracked.

They explained to The Project that when a crack is formed, bacteria is activated and calcium carbonate will bridge the gap in the concrete.

The amazing process, which is the first of its kind in the world, is achieved through nanotechnology and using the process of fermentation.

Dr Berenjian says when he and his partner discovered they'd successfully made self-repairing concrete, they were so excited they were "partying".

Watch the full interview on The Project.