Kiwis warned about new phone scam charging $50 a minute

  • 29/04/2018

Police are warning Kiwis about a new phone scam that could charge people more than $50 a minute.

Scammers are calling from overseas numbers such as London and Ontario.

They will often leave a message or let the phone ring once before hanging up to entice you to call back.

If you do call back, you could be charged up to $50 a minute while they either put you on hold or try to engage in conversation.

There will be a busy, realistic call centre environment sound in the background of the call to try and dupe people into thinking it's a legitimate message.

The scam appears to be primarily targeting the work phones of police and government organisations, but could affect anyone.

Police are advising Kiwis to add the number of any international numbers you're expecting a call from into your contacts so you know it's safe to answer.

If you're not expecting calls from overseas, police say don't answer them - and certainly don't return their calls.