'Rot in hell!': Screams and anger as Christchurch sex worker's murderer sentenced

There was cheering and then a surge of anger as a 33-year-old butcher was given a life sentence for the murder of Christchurch sex worker Renee Duckmanton on Friday.

"Rot in hell!" one person yelled at Sainey Marong, after he was given a minimum sentence of 18 years in jail at Christchurch's High Court.

"Eighteen years is f**king bullshit," another screamed from the docks.

Ms Duckmanton, 22, was killed in May 2016 after being picked up from Manchester St in the city's red light district for a job worth $300. She was strangled to death and her body was left burning on the side of the road near the Rakaia River.

Ms Duckmanton's mother described her daughter as beautiful, goofy, kind and sweet in her victim impact statement.

During sentencing Justice Mander says he considered Marong's actions to be premeditated and predatory, and called it a "cold blooded and cruel" murder.