Missing Lower Hutt toddler found after father responds to Facebook post

A police uniform.
Photo credit: Newshub

A missing child's father has been found after he replied to a police Facebook post asking for help.

The boy managed to get away from his father in the early hours of Saturday morning, and was found wandering the streets of Lower Hutt around 7am.

Police quickly began knocking on doors in the neighbourhood to try and find the child's parents.

Their attempts were unsuccessful so they put out a call for help online, posting an image of the confused two-year-old and saying anyone who recognised the boy should call 111.

"Extensive door knocks have failed to locate where he has come from. Do you recognise this chap?" the post said.

Within minutes a man commented simply saying "that's my son" and the pair were swiftly reunited.

The Facebook post.
The Facebook post. Photo credit: Police/Newshub.

The toddler had been staying at a hotel with his father when he managed to access a door handle and make his way out on to the street.

Social media users were overjoyed to see the pair reunited. The father's comment received nearly 100 reactions and many comments said it was a heart-warming start to Saturday.

"Glad you're safe and I hope you enjoyed your lil adventure.....I bet you won't be escaping for a while after this!" one person wrote.

"Great outcome. So glad he was found and returned home. That's my worst nightmare. They can be so quick and sneaky and just take off," another said.