More mums left worse off financially than dads after break-up - report

  • 26/04/2018

A new study has revealed mums are left worse off financially following a break-up at almost double the rate of dads.

The AUT study found 73 percent of mums are left lacking in funds after the break-up, compared to 38 percent of dads.

Post break-up, mums and dads both upped their earnings to keep afloat - but despite the hard yards mums put in, it's still not enough to make up for losing their financial partner.

It's believed that part of the inequality may be down to the child care arrangements. Mums are more likely to be primary caregivers for the kids while dads are left free to work.

"A lot of men's careers tend to be uninterrupted if they choose to have children, I'm lucky enough to be in the position where I do have an equitable arrangement in place and I'm very grateful for that," separated mum Hilary Jackson told Three's The Project.

"But I know that's not true for a lot of women in my life and it's just not fair."

The research also found child support payments didn't make up for shortcomings, and family lawyer Vivienne Crawshaw told The Project the children are the ones feeling the impact.

"They can have all the goodies and all the treats at dad's, and they can't do that at mum's, and they're there with mum when her EFTPOS card is declined at the supermarket," she said.

Women can improve their financial position by keeping their career going. Ms Jackson said things would have been different if she had a better foundation in her career.

"That was something that disadvantaged me and in fact, my children," she said.

"Kids need their dads and kids need their mums, and when you've got a split that's happened, those needs don't go away."