New Zealand Security Intelligence Service recruiting new spies

  • 28/04/2018
Waihopai spy base.
Waihopai spy base. Photo credit: file

New Zealand's spy agency is on the hunt for some new recruits.

The Security Intelligence Service has launched a new recruitment drive, which director Rebecca Kitteridge says will hopefully increase diversity in the force.

"We want to broaden the diversity of people who are working for us," she told Newshub. "We want people from Māori and Pasifika communities, from Asian communities, from the broad diversity that New Zealand has."

Newcomers to the country may need to wait a bit though, as applicants need to have been a citizen for at least 10 years.

According to Ms Kitteridge, successful applicants can expect to see a range of different kinds of work and may be sent to the front line.

"They work in vehicles or on foot, they work in teams, but also they spend quite a bit of time by themselves," she said.