Northland brothel 'The Bach' denied advertising online

A brothel in Whangarei called The Bach is struggling to find sex workers as they can't advertise online, despite being a legal legitimate business.

Seek and TradeMe won't allow the business to advertise saying they want their sites to be family friendly and not advertise adult services.

And a bid to have a vacancy add placed with WINZ was turned down as it was deemed 'unsuitable".

So, how can you make sex sell if you're surrounded by haters? 

The Bach Director Antonia Murphy told The Project, "Our business is legal in New Zealand, completely legal, I think we should have the right to advertise".

She says the jobs offer a going rate of at least $120 an hour, which was 'quite a high rate of pay in Northland'.

So what type of person is their perfect candidate?

Ms Murphy says her perfect candidate isn't a younger lady, but rather a older woman.

"The perfect candidate you would think the young woman but not always, ladies working for us age up to the age of 45, many of the client's like an older lady.

"Definitely a woman who is healthy, open minded about sex and drug free."

Watch The Project video above for the full story.