'Not your country': Racist windscreen note shocks Auckland man

The owner of a west Auckland restaurant has been left shocked and disappointed by a hateful note left on his family's vehicle.

"This is NZ Not Your country our land our carpark !!" the badly-written note left on Parviz Khorakchi's mother's windscreen last Saturday read.

The image was posted to Instagram with the caption "This is not acceptable. #racial #note left on mom's windscreen at work".

Mr Khorakchi moved to New Zealand from Iran with his family in 2003 and says this is the first time he has encountered racist behaviour here.

"This is so disappointing, we are so upset," he told NZME.

"We park in that spot all the time, this had never happened before."

He's received numerous messages of support from the public after posting the message.

"So sorry to hear this happened to you, not ok. Racism is disgusting. Much love to your family," one person said.

"I'm sorry you've been exposed to this kind of narrow-minded, arrogant, racist view. Kia kaha - this land belongs to all who choose to live here and treat it with love and respect," another commented.