Posting traffic tickets a breach of the Bill of Rights - expert

police speed
Once they've posted the ticket, police consider it served. Photo credit: Jsmjr/Flickr

Police are being criticised for posting tickets through the mail, with a prominent legal expert saying they could be breaching the Bill of Rights.

Since April 2016, police have put traffic tickets in the post instead of issuing them right there and then on the roadside, reports the Sunday Star-Times.

Police told the paper once they've posted the ticket, they consider it served - but Prof Bill Hodge at the University of Auckland said that was wrong.

"A good lawyer would say it's a violation of the Bill of Rights. We can't answer something when we don't know the charges against us."

National road policing manager Steve Greally told the Sunday Star-Times the onus was on drivers to give police the correct address.

One person the paper spoke to was hit with a $30 penalty for late payment, although police sent the ticket to an address he hadn't lived at in seven years.