Revealed: The crimes of Tamihere murder trial perjurer Robert Conchie Harris

  • 26/04/2018

The perjurer in the Tamihere murder trial case has a history of reoffending and anti-social behaviour, according to his parole hearing documents.

Robert Conchie Harris, previously known as 'Witness C', was convicted on eight counts of perjury last year after giving false evidence in the David Tamihere murder trial.

Harris is a double murderer himself and is currently serving a life sentence for murders that occurred on February 25, 1983.

Parole decision documents released to RadioLIVE Drive reveal a raft of other offending, including offences committed while Harris was on parole.

He's been released from prison and recalled twice due to his behaviour, including an incident where he reoffended the same day of his release from prison.

"Since [1983] he has incurred convictions in September 1994 for assaults; 24 March 1995 for assault; 15 May 1995 for burglary (x5), theft (x3), fraud and breach of parole; 1 February 1996 possession of a pistol; 15 April 1996 wilful damage; 18 November 2008 performing an indecent act with a girl and; 16 December 2016 exposing a young person to indecency," his 2017 parole hearing decision states.

Harris was first recalled while on parole in 1995, after committing a serious assault, and in October 2008 he was found guilty of performing an indecent act on a young girl within 24 hours of his release.

According to the parole documents, Harris has been involved in fighting and assaults while in prison and his offending since 1994 has moved into the area of sexual deviancy.

He has twice been admitted to the Child Sex Offender Treatment Programme, but was removed both times.

The second time he was removed from the programme was due to the discovery of letters the board referred to as "grossly pornographic".

The parole board recommended Harris had intensive one-on-one counselling before he could be considered for the programme again, but pointed out his personality traits may provide a barrier to treatment.

"He has an above average PSL:SV score with superficial grandiosity, deceit, lacking remorse, poor behavioural controls, irresponsibility, lacking goals and exhibiting anti-social behaviour," the report said.

Harris will be considered for parole again in the week commencing August 5, 2019, but the board says a significant amount of work must be completed beforehand.

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