Shocking helmet-cam video shows car door hits cyclist

  • 14/04/2018

An Auckland cyclist hit by a car door hopes shocking footage of the incident will make drivers pay more attention to other road users.

While he was only left shaken and bruised after being thrown from his bike on Newmarket's Broadway, Alec Tang says it's the frightening reality cyclists face every day on the road.

"It could have been a lot worse," he told Newshub, after sharing the video to Twitter.

"But the reason I had the camera is because I've had an increasing number of near-misses from buses and people not paying attention.

"It's not just for me, but to show people what can happen."

The response from passers-by was "really nice", he says, with pedestrians, shop staff coming to his aid.

"And to the credit of the driver, he pulled over and came and asked if I was okay and we exchanged details."

A petition asking the Government to build safer cycle infrastructure, set lower traffic speeds and better educate drivers and people on bikes was taken to Parliament on Wednesday.

It calls on the Government to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries, and has been signed by 11,500 people.

Mr Tang says agrees there's a need for better infrastructure to protect cyclists, but says ultimately safety starts with the driver.

"If we got drivers on bikes before they learned to drive they would be better drivers.

"It's important because roads are becoming less and less about cars and more about shared spaces. Not just with bikes but with skateboards… all sorts of things."