Street artist Wrdsmth teams up with Keven Mealamu to make art in Eden Park

An American street artist is leaving his mark on New Zealand's national stadium, Eden Park.

Wrdsmth has previously worked with the illusive Banksy and now he's creating a number of works here.  

He even has a little help from a former All Black. Keven Mealamu may be used to handling a rugby ball, but on Thursday he was wielding a spray can - all in the name of art.

"I've had a lot of good memories [at Eden Park], my family as well. To have Wrdsmth here it's a real privilege to get up on the ladder and share in a little bit of his artworks," he told Newshub.

Meanwhile the world-renowned street artist sees Eden Park as more than just a stadium.

"I think art anywhere can be incredible, is incredible. There's just so many walls and I walk around here and see beautiful blank canvases," Wrdsmth said.

He has previously installed works in cities such as London, Paris and Tokyo.

Originally a renegade artist, Wordsmth told Newshub he'll also be leaving his mark on the streets of Auckland outside Eden Park.

"When I'm done with these pieces in the stadium I'm going to find some time to walk around the streets and find some nooks and crannies and maybe even some bold pieces," he said.

He's best known for his iconic image of a vintage typewriter combined with text.

"When I got the crazy notion to do street art, I thought well if I did it, it would be word-based because I'm a writer," Wordsmth said.

"The minute I said that I saw an image of a typewriter with a page coming out of it."

While the All Blacks' changing room is usually a place you'd expect to see men getting ready to play rugby, for the first time it's also a place for art.

It's all part of a plan to change the image of Eden Park.

"To be able to associate it a little bit more with things other than sport," Mealamu said.

"And one of the feelings I get walking around here as well, you see the big murals and it brings real life and personality to a place."

And as for Mealamu's artistic ability?

"He's doing good, I'd give him a solid A minus" Wrdsmth said.

It's proving sport and art can be a match made in heaven.