Water supply low in Southland

An investigation is underway. Photo credit: File

Environment Southland is keeping a close eye on its drying-up water supply.

The Edendale aquifer has recorded its lowest level on record since monitoring began in 2001.

Environment Southland spokesman Graham Sevicke-Jones says it is concerning.

"We may go into next summer with lower than normal levels in the aquifer, which means that problems we've experienced this year - if the same sort of weather plays out - could be worse."

An investigation is underway to look into the matter.

Mr Sevicke-Jones says one option is to dig deeper, but it comes at a cost.

"That requires consenting of course… and secondly, [there are] legal requirements."

He's blamed the region's dry summer is a major factor.

"What they thought was a secure supply might not be quite the case. We'll certainly have to review how we approach our allocations to make sure it's still all sound."