'We can always do better' - Kelvin Davis on Auckland storm response

Acting Prime Minister Kelvin Davis says "we're doing the best we can" after the devastating storm in Auckland last week.

The weather brought gusts over 200km/h, tearing down trees and power lines and leaving more than 100,000 businesses and households without power.

Mr Davis says there are still between 500 and 1500 people without power, and it could take the rest of the week to help them.

"I believe we're getting down now to some quite complex individual cases," he told The AM Show host Duncan Garner.

"We believe it will still go into this week, later onto the week before things are resolved. Civil Defence are sending out teams along with Red Cross door-knocking, making sure people's needs are met."

Garner says he's been "quite critical" of the emergency response, labelling it "difficult" and "slow".

Mr Davis says there will be a "look" at what happened.

"We can always do better... there's still 1500 people without power," he says.

"Things could always have been done faster. We're doing the best we can is what we're saying."

However he accused Garner of being "silly" for asking if there would be a review of what went wrong.

"Obviously you need to take stock of what happened and the response," he says.

"We've got to see how we can make sure that we help people sooner."