Weather: More than 1000 Auckland homes without power as wind wreaks havoc on electricity network

Firefighters have been clearing debris from state highways in Auckland after high winds sent trees falling into the road.

Fire and Emergency NZ spokesperson Brent Dunn told Newshub crews would be working to get the trees off the road.

"It's a concern...  you've got potentially high speed accidents if the trees are left there," he said.

At least 1100 homes are also currently without power due to severe weather in Auckland.

Winds of up to 120 km/h are expected in the city, which is still recovering from chaos caused by strong winds earlier this month.

Hundreds of thousands of customers were left without power after winds gusting up to over 200km/h in some places hit and caused severe damage to the power network.

Lines company Vector said the grid may be more fragile in light of the recent storm, warning customers to be prepared.

"The major storm earlier this month left many trees damaged and weakened, so there's a higher than usual chance of trees falling on to lines today as strong winds and rain hit Auckland," a post on the Vector website said.

Storm response teams have been mobilised and field crews are ready to respond to severe weather.

A spokesperson for Vector confirmed to Newshub as of 4pm on Saturday, at least 1100 homes were without power, but this could change as the weather moves on.

According to the spokesperson, arcing power lines have also caused chaos in the suburb of Mt Roskill, catching fire and requiring a callout from Fire and Emergency NZ.

NIWA Weather has said Saturday's storm is markedly different to the one that hit earlier this month and is unlikely to cause as much damage.

"Compare the wind gusts from Auckland's memorable 10 April event to the forecast gusts late Saturday, 28 April," a spokesperson wrote on Twitter.

"Much stronger & more widespread on 10 April than 28 April. NE'erly on 28 April compared to a SW'erly on 10 April. Much lower impact expected on 28 April."

A heavy rain warning remains in place for Auckland until 11pm on Saturday, while a severe wind warning is in place until 1am on Sunday.

The weather is expected to be at its worst in the early afternoon on Saturday, between 3pm and 6pm.


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