Weather: Auckland storm response 'disorganised as f**k' - Duncan Garner

Duncan Garner has slammed Auckland officials over the weather chaos this morning as commuters battle public transport outages and fallen trees.

"I reckon that the authorities in Auckland this morning were as disorganised as f**k," The AM Show host said on Wednesday morning.

"There was no warning - no official warning from NZTA, Civil Defence... I didn't get a clear signal from any of these authorities that there was a problem."

Host Amanda Gillies says that the storm "took everyone by surprise" and Mark Richardson explained that weather expert Chris Brandolino called it a "sneaky, intensifying low".

"It snuck up on us. It was a sucker punch," he exclaimed.

"I don't think anyone expected - they had 1600 call-outs," Gillies said.

However Garner wasn't impressed, calling the response "useless, bloody useless".

"We'd been trying to get hold of the Council this morning. Unresponsive, no answer," he said.

"The PR aren't doing the clean-up. They're sitting there on the shiny bum stuff.

"It snuck up on us and the authorities were asleep this morning and not telling you what you need to know."

Civil Defence is set to address the criticism at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon.