Weather: Soaking set to continue across country

Heavy rain is set to further soak New Zealand on Sunday after a storm whipped through on Saturday.

A watch has been issued for Waikato and Taupō in the North Island, with warnings of periods of heavy rain that could be severe in the morning.

Another heavy rain watch is in place for Canterbury, north of Rakaia River and south of Amberley, until early afternoon.

While a specific watch has not been issued, MetService warned heavy rain could hit the Coromandel Peninsula and Bay of Plenty as a front from Waikato moves south.

Residents in Marlborough, eastern Otago and Canterbury should also prepare for a soaking.

Saturday's storm wreaked havoc across Auckland, which is still recovering from the battering it received in early April.

Thousands were without power and trees were brought down across the city, including toppling over state highways.