Wellington goes to extraordinary lengths to find Benny the Beagle

Benny The Beagle has been missing in Wellington's wet and windy weather for six days, but that hasn't stopped his owners going to extraordinary lengths to find him.

The search has involved dozens of volunteers, a helicopter, thermal imaging and even Benny's beagle buddy Spike.

Spike hasn't been the same since his mate Benny disappeared last Friday afternoon.

"He's definitely be a bit off colour," the dogs' owner Matt Newman-Hall said. "He know something's going on."

Mr Newman-Hall and Spike have been searching for the past six days in vain in north Wellington's Belmont Park. Benny ran off while on one of his regular walks with a paid dog walker.

It's been a tough week for Mr Newman-Hall and his wife Grace, who re-homed Benny just nine months ago.

"She's been pretty tough. A lot of tears," Mr Newman-Hall said. "The house definitely isn't the same at the moment."

Benny the Beagle
Benny the Beagle Photo credit: Supplied

He slept both Friday and Saturday nights in his car with the door open, just in case Benny returned to the park and could smell him.

"He's a lovely, easy-going puppy. Really a home soul, as soon as you sit down on the Lazy Boy he jumps up onto your lap and rolls onto his back for a bit of a cuddle," Mr Newman-Hall said.

"When he's out he's just howling with joy and wants to play with every dog, every kid, every person. He's just a really lovely dog."

The dog walker's insurance also covered the cost for a helicopter to join the search on Tuesday, with a thermal imaging specialist on board.

Mr Newman-Hall says he doesn't hold any ill-will towards the dog walker who lost Benny.

"We're really upset... and it shouldn't have happened, but it is something that I guess is a risk," he said.

The aerial search is over and volunteers are dropping off, but Mr Newman-Hall says he and Spike are determined to continue trekking through the 3500 hectare park until they find Benny.