10 unusual pet insurance claims that prove you should watch what your pet eats

A dog eating.
A dog eating. Photo credit: file

Pet owners have been cautioned to keep an eye on what their furry friends are eating.

It comes after their bizarre gastronomic habits dominated insurer Southern Cross' top 10 unusual pet insurance claims of 2017.

Only one cat featured on the list - a ragdoll who managed to eat foam nail painting separators and needed treatment to prevent a blockage.

Southern Cross pet insurance general manager Anthony McPhail says despite being unusual, the injuries caused by eating something odd can be stressful.

"Weird claims are pretty common for our team because pets can get up to all sorts of mischief. The fact is, a lot of these strange situations can be very costly and stressful for the animal and the owner."

Many of the claims ran into the thousands, the most expensive costing $7071.

Southern Cross' top 10 unusual pet insurance claims: 

  • Treatment for pentobarbitone toxicity due to digging up a recently euthanised pet (swiss shepherd).
  • Surgery to  remove 100 cotton buds, a pair of underwear, a bra strap and clips from the stomach and intestine (labrador retriever).
  • Treatment due to potential blockage from eating nail separators (ragdoll cat).
  • Surgery to remove ingested razor blade head (retradoodle).
  • Intestinal blockage from eating duvet cover and lining (German shepherd).
  • Fish hook removal (miniature schnauzer).
  • Surgery to remove ingested rubber glove (fox terrier).
  • Surgery for hip dislocation after an owner fell on the dog (miniature poodle).
  • Inducing vomiting after dog ate metal teeth from hairbrush (border collie).
  • Treatment for rapid heart rate and bruising after inhaler exploded in mouth (great dane).