Activists want more action against oil and gas exploration

Activists want more action against oil and gas exploration
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Activists will descend on a Christchurch beach on Saturday asking the Government to ramp up measures to stop oil and gas exploration.

Hands Across the Sand is an international event and about 100 people are expected to turn up at New Brighton Beach at midday.

Spokeswoman Bridget White says a bigger commitment is needed.

"You've taken the first step, so now you have to take some more and keep walking the walk, instead of talking the talk."

Ms White says the Government will need to make more difficult decisions to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

"We don't have a choice - we don't have a transition period.

"Deep-sea oil-drilling could still be occurring for up to 30 years off our coastline and new on-shore permits are still being allowed. So even though a step has been taken, there is still plenty of work to do."

Ms White says the country needs to be more proactive with renewable energy.

Hands Across the Sand is a global movement, with communities across the globe taking to their local beaches on May 19.

"The world will join hands to end our dependence on filthy fuels and look ahead to a clean energy future," the official website says.

The industry says ending oil drilling and exploration will cost thousands of jobs and do little to combat climate change.


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