Auckland 'idiot cyclist' gets instant justice after running red light

An Auckland cyclist has received swift justice after brazenly flouting the law in front of a police car.

The cyclist was heading along the waterfront when they were met by the red light at the intersection of Tamaki Drive and Solent St.

But rather than wait their turn, they decided to shoot across - right in front of two turning trucks.

But their illegal actions didn't go unnoticed. A police car spotted the dirty manoeuvre and was quick to react, flashing their lights and launching in pursuit.

The incident was caught on dashcam by truck driver Roy van Geffen, who posted the video to Facebook saying he was glad to see the cyclist caught.

"Instant Karma for this idiot cyclist," Mr van Geffen wrote.

Mr van Geffen told NZME that cyclists are a menace who "think the road rules don't apply to them".

"There's a dedicated cycle lane on that road but the pricks still want to ride on the road," he told NZME.

"They sit in front of your truck at the lights so you can't see them. Then the lights go green and you nearly hit them."

The penalty for running a red light is $150.