Auckland inner-city Link buses to scrap timetables

Angry Auckland commuters have forced Auckland Transport to change the way it runs inner-city buses.

From July the Link bus timetable will be scrapped, and they'll run at consistent intervals instead.

Auckland Director of Generation Zero says the circuits they run on are impractical.

"Keep the branding, keep the frequency, but have them from A to B instead of having them go around in circles."

Auckland currently has three Link buses - the City, Inner and OuterLink buses - and Auckland Transport tries to follow the timetable 95 percent of the time.

But information provided to Newshub shows that not one of three bus services managed to do that in the second half of last year.

The blame has been put on constant road works and diversions through the city.

Darek Koper, bus service manager, agrees, saying new construction makes it a challenge.

"Auckland is undergoing major infrastructure growth, which is fantastic for the city but unfortunately does present many challenges to operate this route reliably."

Auckland Transport says the buses will continue to loop and it will review wait times from the first day of the changes on July 1.