Aucklander exposes the dangers of cycling on our roads

  • 11/05/2018

One Aucklander has been exposing the dangers cyclists face on the roads every day, clocking up almost a dozen near misses with cars in just one month.

Cars versus bikes is an ongoing battle, with many drivers guilty of taking their road rage out on cyclists. 

In the space of a month, Alec Tang has recorded almost a dozen near misses with other road users in and around the Auckland CBD.

Some have led to confrontation, while other times he has narrowly escape serious injuries.

Councils are constantly encouraging us to get out of the car and on to our bikes - but how do we stay safe?

Mr Tang told Three's The Project that by filming the incidents, it gives people an idea - both good and bad - of what it's like to be on a bike on a road.

"Let's be clear, this is a month of really intense activity," he said.

"I've cycled for five years on Auckland roads and been pretty unscathed, but this month has been hairy."

Watch the video for the full The Project report.