Aucklanders among country's worst red light runners - road campaigner

A road safety campaigner is calling out Aucklanders for being among the worst offenders for running red lights.

Brake New Zealand director Caroline Perry told The AM Show the issue is more prominent in some parts of the country than in others.

"In terms of the number of crashes and deaths and serious injuries it's not as much of an issue as some of the other things we see like people not wearing seatbelts, drink driving .

"But it is a significant issue for places like Auckland and our urban centres."

In a five- year period, red light crashes increased from 367 to 477 across the country but fines issued by police have not kept pace. In Auckland last year six red light cameras were added to intersections, but so far no fines have been issues, according to Stuff.

Auckland Transport says the cameras are being calibrated, and it plans to begin enforcement within the next fortnight.

Ms Perry says she wants to see some results.

"We want to see them if we've got the technology there, that it is working and we are seeing fines issued."

In Auckland between 2012 and 2016, intersection crashes due to red light running resulted in four deaths and 75 serious injuries.

"We want [the technology] targeted at high risk intersections where we know it's going to make a difference," Ms Perry says.

She also says she wants to see harsher fines for people texting behind the wheel.

"It's putting you at incredible risk... and other road users at risk as well. We'd like higher fines and more demerit points. Something more in the $400, $500 mark."

This week is road safety week.


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