Budget Day drama: 11 people get stuck in tiny Beehive lift

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND - OCTOBER 20:  New Zealand flags fly in front of The Beehive during the Commission Opening of Parliament at Parliament on October 20, 2014 in Wellington, New Zealand.  This is the first ceremony for the official opening of New Zealand's 51st Parliament.  (Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images)
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Eleven people were trapped in a tiny lift at the Beehive late on Thursday night at the end of a busy Budget day.

The group of journalists - including Newshub's Tova O'Brien, Jenna Lynch and Isobel Ewing - as well as political advisers and lobbyists spent 55 minutes in the lift, which had a recommended capacity of only eight people.

The lift was jammed on the ground floor and wouldn't open. The doors had to be prised open, with security using a fan to blow air into the small space.

Security staff considered calling in emergency services to open the lift. Parliament speaker Trevor Mallard was woken about the situation.

Eventually, lift operator Kone was called in to rescue the group.

Newshub understands ministers and overseas deligations have also been stuck in the Beehive lifts, and that Parliament has no one on site who can safely evacuate the elevators.

Not such a big deal perhaps - unless you have a Prime Minister working in the building who's eight months pregnant.

Jenna Lynch's Instagram story gets to the crux of the issue.
Jenna Lynch's Instagram story gets to the crux of the issue. Photo credit: Instagram